Light Switches and Light Fixtures

Light Switches and Light Fixtures

Great lighting is a key component of every home. A great lighting setup pairs convenience with aesthetics that complement your living area.

West Mechanical is proud to offer an assortment of high-quality lighting products for your Bellingham, WA, area home. We can help you make an informed and cost-effective decision about your home's lighting.

Residential LED lightbulbs use up to 90 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescents, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Make the upgrade and start saving.

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How Do Light Switches Work?

Light switches form and break electrical connections to turn lights on and off. In a basic single-pole model, there are two copper connectors. The pole is connected to a spring.

When you flick it on, the spring pushes the two connectors together, allowing the current to pass through. The spring pushes them apart when you turn it off, preventing the current from passing through.

What Types of Light Switches Are There?

Here are a few common types of switches: 

  • Pole Switches (single, double, three-way, and four-way)
    This probably pops into your head when you think of a light switch. It is a small plastic pole that sticks out of the wall with two options: on and off.A single pole switch allows you to turn the lights on or off from one outlet/location. Double, three-way and four-way switches give you two, three, and four outlet/locations to control the lights from, respectively.
  • Dimmer Switches
    Are you looking to set the mood? Dimmer switches can help with that—they allow you to adjust the lighting to your desired brightness level.There are a few different models. Rotary dimmer switches are circular knobs. Rotate them to adjust the brightness and push it in to turn the light off. Sliding dimmers have a more rectangular appearance and have a slider for toggling the brightness.
  • Occupancy Sensor
    You've seen them in public restrooms, but they are also an excellent option for your home. Occupancy sensors detect motion, which causes the light in a room to turn on. After they have detected that the room is empty, they turn the light back off for you. The result is long-term savings from reducing your utility bills.
  • Smart Switches
    Want to control your lights conveniently using your smartphone? Smart switches connect to your Wi-Fi. You can adjust them using your smartphone, or through voice commands. They can also be programmed to power off automatically, helping you save money on your monthly electric bill.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures help light bulbs illuminate a room. They come in endless shapes, sizes, and looks. Rustic, modern, simple, or fancy—we're sure you can find a design that enhances your living space.

What Types of Fixtures Are There? 

Here are a few common types of residential fixtures:

  • Ceiling mounts are a classic option. A facing light bulb mounts to your ceiling and gets covered with a shade. It's usually made from glass or plastic.
  • Recessed fixtures require a hole that contains the light bulb. A plastic or glass circle covers the hole, diffuses the light, and makes the fixture flush with your ceiling.
  • Chandeliers are perfect for your dining room, kitchen, or living room. These large fixtures provide style and ambiance to your living space.
  • Track lighting is a flexible option. It has a rail that mounts to your ceiling, with multiple lights attached. You can adjust the configuration by aiming light heads where you want them to point.
  • Architectural and accent lighting help enhance your living space in subtle ways. Cove and soffit lighting hide behind shelves, ledges, and ceiling edges, accenting the room they are in. Wall mounts brighten up your space and provide a stylish flair.
  • Outdoor lighting keeps your porch and yard well-lit and safe. There are automated and motion-triggered options. These help with security and reduce your electricity consumption.

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