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Why Programmable Thermostats Are Hot!

Why Programmable Thermostats Are Hot!

March 16, 2022

Our solution at West Mechanical is to replace your old thermostat with a programmable thermostat that can increase your comfort, lower your utility bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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video - what is carbon monoxide

Video – What Is Carbon Monoxide?

February 28, 2022

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, odorless, tasteless gas. It is formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon, or the incomplete burning of natural gas and other things that contain carbon. Call us at 360-734-7599 to learn more about installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector in your home or office today.

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why does my furnace pilot light keep going out?

Why Is the Furnace Pilot Light Going Out?

February 15, 2022

Your utility bills, along with repairs, start creeping up. At some point, it makes more sense financially to replace these old appliances with newer models. When the time comes, West Mechanical can help you make the right decision

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is your furnace blowing cold air?

Video – Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

January 28, 2022

There are a few things to check in your home in the case that your furnace is blowing cold air, such as your thermostat settings, air filter, and your home’s ductwork. If you can’t figure out the issue, give us a call at 360-734-7599 and we will inspect your furnace.

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home with a geothermal heat pump system

What Is the Value of a Geothermal Heat Pump to My Home?

January 18, 2022

Compared with conventional HVAC systems, a geothermal system seldom requires major maintenance or repairs.

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zone comfort

Video – How Can I Make My Home More Comfortable?

December 23, 2021

Is your home always uncomfortable either upstairs and down? You should consider zoning your home!

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man teaching a baby to walk in Friday Harbor, WA

Is My Furnace Overheating?

December 14, 2021

Just about any electrical appliance has the potential to overheat. Furnaces are no exception. As a homeowner, you need to take precautions to lower the risk of an overheated unit.

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girl covering up with a blanket

Video – Upgrade Your Furnace

November 23, 2021

Upgrade your furnace for increased energy efficiency and heating cost reduction.

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person working on boilers with their hands

Everything You Need to Know About Boilers

November 7, 2021

At West Mechanical, though we haven’t been working with boilers since 1300 BC, we know a thing or two about them. Our highly trained and experienced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals regularly install and work on them here in Friday Harbor. 

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woman controlling her Wi-Fi Thermostat from the park

Video – Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Cost-Effective?

October 27, 2021

Why are you heating and cooling your home when you are not there? Being able to control your thermostat when you are away is one of the most cost effective energy improvements you can make in your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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